Every Brick Tells A Story

Omi Homes Ltd. is a rising star in the real estate industry in Bangladesh. It has begun its journey in 2009 and is on the growing path and look forward to establish Omi Homes as a brand name in this sector with dedication and hard work. Since 2009 they have established many fine establishments around Dhaka and is looking forward to expand its operations to other regions of Bangladesh. The company has a vision to build a better future for the coming tomorrow.


At Omi Homes Ltd. we specialize in services related to Construction, Renovation, Project Management as well as built-in furniture. We at Omi Homes Ltd. Hope to make the experiences of all our hard working employees more enjoyable and to motivate them in offering excellence in the following services to all our potential clients and customers.



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Thank you for taking the time to consider Omi Homes Ltd. as your general contractor for any and all of your real estate projects. Please feel free to explore our website and be sure to click on the Facebook link at the bottom of this page and like us on Facebook.

If you have any question about a possible project, do not hesitate to call and ask! you may reach us through the number at the bottom or through our Facebook page.


At OmI Homes Ltd. we love to take pride in understanding the expectations of our clients. Our team will attentively work with you throughout the entire construction process to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you and will try their best to live up to all your expectations.


We at Omi Homes Ltd. helps you to understand the apt square footage which is necessary to run your business. We also assist you as to the evaluation of the commercial and residential land that you are considering for purchasing or lease for your own business. We have the best consultant and advisers on business space optimization.


Whether you need to make changes to your office space or add an entire wing to it or to update the interior of your work space, look no further than Omi Homes Ltd. You can be assured that we look at every project with utmost seriousness and determination to achieve perfection.


One of the best things Omi Homes Ltd. have adaped is the flexibility in terms of budget. The services that we provide are not restricted to any particular budget which makes us flexible enough to work with all kinds of budget, both big and small. We also help you determine an accurate budget for the construction as well as renovation services. We work with all kinds of projects both big and small.

" The illustration of the taste of a renowned Real Estate Company remains visible for hundreds of years. Using their intellect and experience, they present tasteful aesthetic establishments and fulfills the desires of others. It is possible for a real estate company to make someone else's dreams come true, which is not possible for a single individual to fulfill this expectation."
Chairman of board